Over 10 years of expert leadership

CyberSecurity, Red-team penetration test, Blue-team security incident response services become a hot-topic in recent years. Many clients look for CyberSecurity advisors on these topics. Our team provides these services for over 10 years from the first day when the company was founded. eWalker was founded and led by consultants from various security aspects including Penetration Testers, Compliance Experts, Security Incident Responder and Digital Forensics Specialists.


Since 2005, Defend Towers has provided our clients with quality professional services in numerous areas related to IT Security, including penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, technology risk consulting, IT Compliance Audit, Red-team Penetration Test, Blue-team Security Incident Response test, Digital Forensic and fraud investigation services.

Looking forward in future, our entire eWalker team will continue to stay fully focused in security services with utmost professionalism and integrity, contributing ourselves to our customers for their better and safer digital environments.


We care and train

Other than security services, wealso specializes in providing training services. We have partnered with local universities to provide IT security training to staff and undergraduate students. Through our partners, we have also provided security training to IT professionals, the law enforcement, Governmental bodies and more. We believe in the importance of spreading the awareness and importance of IT security.